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Worf and Dax

Worf makes
an honest
Trill out
of Dax, in a
delightful Klingon

by Michael Logan

THE NET REACTION TO THE BUDGET-BUSTING, November-sweeps wedding of Worf and Dax, the characters played by Michael Dorn and Terry Farrell on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," tickles the actors.

Dorn tells Y-Life that Internet fans were initially "a little suspect of the romance, like maybe we were going to turn 'DS9' into 'The Worfs at Home' or something." But eventually, he notes, "They really got into it, especially when Dax and Worf started having Klingon sex, which is really pretty violent. Dax wound up with pulled muscles and contusions. Worf had to go to the hospital. It was quite a crowd pleaser."

Farrell says she also got some early flack- but mostly from fans of "The Next Generation." "There were people all over the Internet going, 'Hey, what about Counselor Troi?,' " says Farrell. "I mean, like, who cares about Worf's girlfriend on that show? My standard response was, 'Well, if she wants him back so bad, then tell her to get her ass over to 'DS9'!" But as the Worf/Dax romance began to heat up, "Now, they love all this wedding stuff," Farrell says. "I'm sure they'd still like to see Troi show up and ruin our marriage, like it's some kind of intergalactic soap opera. But I say, Bring her on! She's half my size. I'll kick the s - - t out of her."

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I'm sure
they'd still like to see Troi show up and ruin our marriage... But I say
bring her on! She's half my size.

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Photo: Ron Tom/Paramount Pictures

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